Petition Trump for Paper Ballots now!

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As we all shelter in place, tend to ourselves and our loved ones, and do all we can to contain the deadly pandemic sweeping our country, now is a time to also reflect not on our political differences, but on how we conduct our elections. So many of us have lost confidence in the integrity of our elections, and that’s a sad crossroads for our constitutional republic and system of self-government.

Leading experts have long concluded that nearly every electronic voting machine in our country is inherently vulnerable to outside hacking and to insider manipulation of the software. Even in states that use paper ballots, the votes are counted by passing the paper ballots through electronic scanning machines that can be hacked and the software rigged.

At the annual DEF CON hacking conference, an 11-year old boy hacked into Florida’s election system in less than 15 minutes. At DEF CON a year later, experts compiled a hundred electronic voting machines in use across the country, and participants hacked into every one of them.

This should concern us all, regardless of political party or who we support for President, whether it’s Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or someone else.

But what can we do about this? We could wait forever for Democratic and Republican incumbents in a divided Congress to act. And, unfortunately, this cannot wait until the pandemic is over. 

Please sign our petition demanding that President Donald Trump act now to safeguard our elections with an Executive Order requiring the upcoming November 2020 federal elections be conducted with hand-marked Paper Ballots that are counted by hand in public by We the People. According to Constitutional experts, the president has ample authority, both inherent and delegated by Congress, to respond to the cyber threats to our elections. Please sign this petition now and share with everyone you know!

If we gather 100,000 signatures in 30 days, the petition will be reviewed by the White House.

But what are the chances of Donald Trump actually signing such an Executive Order? 

Better than you may think! 

President Trump proposed a system of paper ballots at a March 6, 2018 press conference, and then again in subsequent tweets. Perhaps he’s worried about the Democratic establishment rigging the electronic voting machines in key states they control. Likewise, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, all have to be worried about rigging by Republicans, as well as by foreign and domestic intelligence agencies and Big Tech giants.

For more than two centuries, our country conducted elections by the public hand-counting of paper ballots. That is still the only way to have truly fair, transparent, and verifiable elections. Please click here to sign this petition now and share with everyone you know. 

Thank you for all your support and for helping build a genuine movement for democracy in America.

With my heartfelt prayers for the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

12 thoughts on “Petition Trump for Paper Ballots now!”

  1. Please ensure election integrity and issue an executive order for paper ballots. The DNC is extremely corrupt and have denied the voters their right to a fair primary over and over again. Paper ballots are our only chance for fair elections.

  2. Our country desperately needs to have confidence in the integrity of our elections. At present, we are faced with dubious results from easily hacked voting machines. We need hand-marked, and publicly hand-counted paper ballots for all elections to restore confidence in our elections.

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