Reject “TrumpCare”

During the 115th Congress

Progress For All has joined the fight against the American Health Care Act, the GOP plan for repealing and replacing Obamacare. In fact, it would kill off some of the most important and effective parts of Obamacare. We’ll need your help in calling Republican members of both the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee. These calls need to be made very soon since a full floor vote is expected the week of March 20th.

The House Ways and Means Committee and House Energy  and Commerce Committee will hold hearings soon. We are urging concerned citizens to call each Republican member of these committees so they hear loud and clear that  their constituents want this sham healthcare bill rejected.  


We want to make sure these members know that the American Health Care Act is a tax cut bill that:

  • Ends healthcare subsidies in favor of tax breaks for wealthy families and will only make it harder for older Americans to afford coverage.

  • Kills the Medicaid expansion, one of Obamacare’s most popular and successful ways to expand healthcare coverage.

  • Defunds Planned Parenthood, a critical provider of women’s health care coverage.

Please find a short script below.


“Hi, my name is (name) from (zip code) in (city). I oppose the American Health Care Act introduced by Republicans this week and I want (Representative ______) to reject this proposal and fight to protect the millions of Americans who rely on Obamacare.”


Please feel free to add your own message too!


Please call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard and request to speak with your Representative found below: (202) 224-3121

House Ways and Means Committee                

House Energy and Commerce Committee

3 thoughts on “REJECT “TRUMPCARE””

  1. Hi, my name is Sara Loeppert from 27608 in Raleigh. I oppose the American Health Care Act introduced by Republicans this week. I would recommend Representative Holding reject this callous proposal and fight to protect the millions of Americans who rely on the Affordable Care Act.

  2. Ryancare or Trumpcare which every you liked to call the proposed American Health Care Act will be the biggest attack on our health care system witnessed. If you think your health care premiums are going to be more affordable if the republicans pass this bill your in for rude awakening. There will be more people using the emergency room after they lose or drop their insurance knowing they can’t be turned down for care. Hospitals will end up not being able to collect from the uninsured which will result in higher health care cost for all.

  3. Ryancare is not a fix to the DISASTER that is Obamacare. Both need to be gone. Most people fall into these two categories on this issue
    1) Are just a partisans that only cares for their party’s causes and what they are told you should care about, or how these two bills actual work. “Must pass the bill to know what’s in it” is close to the most assanine statement ever made by an elected official.
    2) Truly do not know the long term effects of what Obamacare/Ryancare are and will be going forward. It is not sustainable and HAS increased premiums substantially all over the country. Insurance companies are dropping out of exchanges and that will not bring medical costs down for any one. Obamacare needs a full repeal and we need a real solution that is fair, brings costs down, and doesn’t leave low income ppl at a disadvantage. It’s beyond SAD the “leaders” in the GOP who have run on these issues had nothing to show after years of being able to prepare of this very moment in time. As far as Ryancare goes, I wouldn’t wipe m… never mind. I’m sure you get it.

    Please please please educate yourselves on these pieces of legislation and all others, as much as you can. The political class feeds us crap and then screws us openly while smiling about it. If you think it has been bad the last 10-20 years, know it’s getting worse and will be much worse for our kids. The Partisan BS needs to stop from all sides. Ppl becoming ideologs (over falsehoods we are exposed to online and on tv) and shouting down ppl that have different views is not the way of progress. It’s us the PEOPLE vs THE ELITE POLITICAL CLASS. We have to find common cause as The People and somehow get legislation through to put term limits on career politicians that only care for their pocket books and power. We also need term limits for mortal mistake prone human beings that get appointed to the Supreme Court. They are not perfect divine super intelligent beings.. They are as imperfect as you or me and shouldn’t have a non-elected life time position. If it’s a Constitutional Convention of States that is needed for this, we need to step up at the local and state levels to make it happen.

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