Listen Now: Tim Tackles the Republican Health Care Bill on Fernand Amandi’s Show

Political talk radio is big in South Florida, and nobody does it better than Fernand Amandi.

Fernand is a principal at Bendixen & Amandi International, the nation’s leading multilingual and multiethnic public opinion research and strategic communications consulting firm based in Miami, Florida. In addition to his morning show on WIOD and national TV appearances,  Fernand’s communications projects and analysis have been featured in The New York Times, CNN, National Public Radio, The Washington Post, USA Today, Newsweek, Time, The Economist, and the Miami Herald among others.

According to WIOD’s program director, Grace Blazer, “He speaks the language of a person who is deeply engaged in the issues of our community.  He’s smart, fair, totally connected and thinks hard about what he says before he says it. He’s an issue-to-issue guy that looks at the world as right vs. wrong instead of left vs. right. Fernand brings a local sensibility and compassion to WIOD.”


Tim was first introduced to Fernand’s audience during his 2016 Congressional campaign, and posted his most recent appearance on March 15, 2017 to his Facebook page:

“I took part this morning in a debate on the Republican healthcare bill, aired on WIOD Radio Miami. It’s worth listening to the final question: can you say one positive thing about the opposing party?
I also managed to compare the use of eminent domain for Spectra Energy, the company building the Sabal Trail Pipeline, with our failure to use this constitutional power to buy out the private insurers to achieve a single payer Medicare for All system.
My thanks to Republican Lorenzo Palomares for the respectful discussion, and Fernand Amandi  for hosting this lively exchange.
Here’s the podcast.”

Democrat Tim Canova and Republican Lorenzo Palomares debate the new healthcare bill…

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