Help us Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline

2 thoughts on “Help us Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline”

  1. If we want to continue to live on this planet we must stop burning fossil fuel!! We cannot drink or breathe oil or money!

  2. We would like to thank Tim Canova and all the staff for speaking out about the Sabal Trail Pipeline. We live along the Florida Southeast Connect which will end much closer to south Fl than STP. The LNG that will be pumped through this pipeline has its own set of concerns. The pipeline construction itself will have a hole other set of problems. We have documented the construction practices (BMP’s) of the Sabal Trail contractors. We have been utility contractor for 32+ years. Let me clarify, we were a very small contractor installing power, communication, water, sewer, and drainage conduits (No Gas or Oil). We would like to show you some of our documentation. We hope to here back from you.

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