Sabal Trail Pipeline Forum

The Sabal Trail Pipeline project is a 515-mile pipeline that, if completed, will pump a billion cubic feet of fracked gas a day through the Upper Floridan Aquifer, an ecologically crucial region and the source of 60 percent of our state’s drinking water. It is being built by a consortium of companies, which includes NextEra, the parent company of Florida Power & Light (FP&L), the same companies that are trying to impede the full implementation of solar energy power in the Sunshine State.

The dangers from the Sabal Trail Pipeline are part of an unfolding water crisis directly related to climate change that now threatens every part of Florida.

Thanks to our collective efforts, two leading Democratic candidates for governor of Florida — Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum and former congresswoman Gwen Graham — have come out publicly against the Sabal Trail Pipeline. Throughout Florida, at least nine county Democratic executive committee (DECs) — most recently in Miami-Dade County — have now passed resolutions against the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

Even though our efforts to halt the construction of the Sabal Trail Pipeline are gathering momentum – we are running out of time. The pipeline could be pumping fracked gas through Florida’s wetlands and “sinkhole” country as early as this summer.

That’s why we’re hosting a public forum to raise awareness of the dangers the Sabal Trail Pipeline on Tuesday evening, May 23rd in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

It’s our mission to help educate the public and mainstream media, and spur the grassroots to action — for example, by calling and writing letters to members of Congress and other public officials, sending letters to the editors of local newspapers, signing our petition (we’ve already gathered over 100,000 signatures), and joining the growing divestment movement to boycott the fossil fuels industry and the big Wall Street banks that fund them.

Time is running out. If we fail to stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline, sometime in the future — in six months or six years perhaps — the entire state of Florida may look like Flint, Michigan, with contaminated drinking water and dependent on bottled water for all our basic needs. Please share, spread the word, and join us on May 23rd to keep fighting against the fossil fuel industry, fracking and pipelines, and to keep working for a sustainable future based on solar and other renewable energy sources.


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