Urgent Court Hearing TOMORROW for Paper Ballots in Jon Ossoff Election in Georgia

Tim Canova
Chair, Progress For All

Last week, we wrote to share the breaking news of the filing of a lawsuit that Progress For All was supporting to demand paper ballots in a key Congressional race, Jon Ossoff’s June 20th special election in Georgia.  As we reported at the time, Ossoff’s April 18th primary was marked by major failures and possible manipulations of the electronic voting machines that raised serious concerns about the accuracy of the results. These included multiple hacks, stolen electronic polls books, and a software system with gaping security holes.

Many of you stepped up and made small donations, and as a result we raised thousands of dollars to support the efforts of the non-partisan non-profit Rocky Mountain Foundation in the filing of this lawsuit.

I write now to ask for your help in supporting tomorrow’s key court hearing in this groundbreaking litigation. Once again, half of what you contribute will go directly to the Rocky Mountain Foundation to pay for the costs of this litigation.

The Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta will hold a hearing tomorrow on the Rocky Mountain Foundation’s complaint and motion for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) asking the court to prevent and enjoin the use of faulty electronic touchstone-based voting machines and to order the use of paper ballots to ensure that the election is transparent and verifiable.

Tomorrow’s hearing will feature two professors serving as volunteer expert witnesses on voting systems, Dr. Ed Felten and Dr. Duncan Buell.  Dr. Felten has written on the serious problems with the notorious Diebold machine voting system, and Dr. Buell has audited perhaps more of the Diebold direct-recording electronic (DRE) voting machines than perhaps any other election expert. Dr. Felten has previously served as Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer in the Office of Science and Technology Policy in President Obama’s White House. Click here to view the video of Dr. Felten testifying about how he and other Princeton University colleagues hacked the same voting system as is used in Georgia, and were able to design a virus that stole votes by moving them from one candidate to another.

Please contribute what you can to help prevent any hacking that could “flip” the vote against Jon Ossoff, and to help ensure transparency and integrity in the vote count by requiring paper ballots. Half of your donation will go to the Rocky Mountain Foundation to defray the travel expenses of the experts and cover other legal fees and costs.  

Throughout much of the 2016 primary season, we witnessed similar concerns about voting machines in numerous states – including states in which Senator Bernie Sanders was winning big in the exit polls, but somehow lost the official machine counts. These are among the reasons the United States has been ranked as worst among Western democracies in the quality and accuracy of our elections.

At Progress For All, we are calling for public Congressional hearings to cast a spotlight on the terrible deficiencies in our voting systems. We support transparency in the counting of paper ballots to verify the vote. And we are hoping that tomorrow’s hearing will help us achieve transparency and integrity in this key special Congressional election.

Thank you for standing with us for transparent and verifiable elections.

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